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Facades, Windows and Doors
made from exclusive materials for more demanding architecture.

MetApp Ltd develops and designs systems for exterior and interior architecture in smart combinations of most diverse materials. Our preferred material is architectural bronze with its specific advantages for buildings having to withstand difficult climatic conditions. A self-cleaning and self-healing metallic surface, a natural patina, attractive colors and an excellent corrosion resistance are unique to this metal alloy family.
Attractive surfaces can be created in gold, brown and green shades.

MetApp Ltd is specialized in the development and manufacturing of complex extruded profiles for wall, window, door and facade systems. Handrails made of brass and bronze are a further specialty of MetApp Ltd, providing antibacterial properties for public buildings (e.g. schools, hospitals).

Whether you are planning exterior facades, interior equipment for buildings, ships, luxury jets, swimming pools or modern art: you can count on our know-how for all questions around metal alloys, material selection, solution engineering and system development.

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